• Fresh & Modern

    Luxury Accessories for discerning clientele.

    Exclusively Unique

    We are intentionally focused on consistent delivery of the finest quality products, and creating timeless design, unfettered by trends. Our products are always special.

    Having recently made the jump into wholesale, there is still so much exclusivity available. We believe it's great for your clients to have access to exquisite product and design that hasn't saturated the market.

    Wearing A Work Of Art

    Because of the nature of unique design creation, each season is relevant and brings to life that something new your buyers are searching for. 

    We don't go to the mill and select textiles. We design and create our own which no one else has access to. Very literally, they come from works of art. 

    Inspiration to timeless design.

    The Story

    The Tania Jarvinen brand is an on-going gallery of fine art, uniquely transformed into textile design. Her work is then applied to create exquisite product and accessories, a "fresh & modern" collection for both men, women, and to liven your life and home. 

    "I'm in the business of inspiring through conceptual creativity, sharing dynamic product invoked with a spirit and depth of character, integrity, wit, and soulful passion." TCJ

    Bespoke & Custom

    Unsurpassed Expertise. Unlimited Creativity.

    We are a consultancy & design house. While I have my moments hiding away in the studio, producing more great work for Tania Jarvinen collections, my team and I also thrive on bespoke projects and design work for others. 

    We invite your attention and welcome your needs and ideas. Let's create together!

    Design Consultation

    Are you a designer, tailor, dressmaker, interested in custom or bespoke textile design or bringing your project or your clients idea to life?


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