Finding Inspiration And The Journey Along The Way

Art, process & creativity....


Tania Jarvinen is a fine artist, designer, and entrepreneur. She draws inspiration from her paintings, a gallery which spans more than 20 years, to create unique textile designs, making each of her accessories collections exclusive and appealing. 

Each textile design begins from archival photos of her paintings. These designs are created as literal art translation or subtly integrated, making an otherwise common pattern remarkable. 

Designs are then printed or finely woven, creating beautiful and unique fabrics, and crafted into a variety of artisan accessories. 

While her art is the basis for textile design, the inspiration to create a fine accessory line was initially inspired by having grown up with a father who had an Hermès tie collection. Most were 7 folds crafted from scarves and truly a piece of work to look at. Even at the age of 10, their beauty was mysteriously alluring and memorable enough that many years later, it would stir within her creativity and desires to be and do something truly unique, meaningful and genuine. 

Long before the brand...

Tania's work had been the focus of a variety of creative ventures such as commissioned work, corporate art and design, and custom art packaging. 

Original's and prints are held in private collections, and are available for sale.

With Sincerity,

I had always been entrepreneurial, recreating common endeavors and dreaming up lofty challenges. Very much a Jarvinen trait. In my youth I'd have been best described as a cross between an artist and an athlete, admittedly & humorously viewed a the odd her. I was the artsy girl who wore hats with bows to high school hockey games, yet was driven, excelling in athletics. When in college, I had an aptitude for forensics and behavioral profiling. Mid studies I took a break and traveled abroad, soaking up the world as it opened up to me. I enjoyed vast travel in Europe and beyond, including taking up residence for a few years in England and Germany. Once back in Chicago my heart fully took root in art & design. 

As you might imagine, bringing a brand to life is no easy feat. And so with each challenge and obstacle along the way, without hesitation, I refer to a certain essence of being; SISU, a known Finnish characteristic, of which I emulate wholeheartedly. 

It is when you reach the end of your and the strength you thought you had, that you come alive and find out who you really are. It is the remarkable inner strength, fortitude, perseverance, and resilience that steps out. With grit and passion, SISU is the stoic determination and bravery that invokes any obstacle to fall away, and so with grace (and sometimes a little craziness and the value humor adds) you can continue the journey.  

Here's to hoping you, too, find your SISU.