Bespoke & Custom

Design Services

We work with Clothiers & Tailors, Couture Artisans & Designers, Costume Designers for Film & Theatre, Private Labels, Manufactures & Merchandisers.

From consultation to a finished print run, we will creatively and expertly produce a textile design, exceeding your expectations. 

Our manufacturing partners are specifically chosen because they have the expertise and technology, surpassing the rigorous demands to match our often intricate and deliberate design requirements, plus meet our global needs. Our primary partners are in England, India, and the USA. 

The materials we work with (typically silk, wool, linen, bemberg & modal), are exceptional, in that they are sourced from fine mills and makers, and when woven, care in custom fiber selection can often be achieved to produce wonderful blends. 

Products & Textiles

Whether your bespoke and custom design project includes finished product production, such as a bow tie or tuxedo scarf for a client, or simply a run of printed or woven fabric for a clients couture request, we can work with you to achieve a textile design you can be proud of, and finished product of exceptional beauty and quality. 

We can deliver finished products and textiles ready for your application in a cost-effective way while maintaining the most exquisite integrity of creation. 

We do this by never up-charging the textiles, and instead, focus on continually meeting the demands of consult & design with unsurpassed expertise and passion. 

Design is our motivator; beautiful textile and product is our gift to you. 

Design & cultivation, focused on bespoke & boutique.

Create with us.

You can expect to receive professional quality production with a sophisticated and personalized boutique elegance. 

  • Bespoke design & production
  • Mastery level design services using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Project-based consideration & consultation
  • No minimums
  • Global direct ship to your manufacturer if required
  • Personalized interface for development
  • Commerical fine quality textile finishing
  • Bespoke, one-of-a-kind, short-run to large production scale

Who we are.

Tania has an eclectic background, having shifted from forensic analysis to design and the fine arts. 

Today, Tania Jarvinen® comprises of a team of professionals with exceptional skill, creativity and personality. We have a collected expertise in applied & fine art, embroidery, apparel design, technical book publishing, branding, and retail management. As well, a combined of more than 40 years in creative direction, technology, and digital curation, assuring we can offer true ‘boutique excellence’.

Our team expertise is derived from learning and working alongside fortune 100 corporations on a global scale, spanning markets from designer material goods, big box retail, transportation, pharmaceutical, food, technology companies and more. 

We are well-versed in development, design and delivery within prescribed brand guidelines, style guides and all corporate communication protocols and seamless creative software solutions. 

We offer in-house Master Command of Adobe Creative Suite, front-end development, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Yes, all this while cracking jokes and listening to a variety of music to suit the mood!


Are you planning a not-for-profit campaign or event? Do you need custom designed textile products to raise awareness & promote financial giving? Learn how we can partner with you!